[EBOOK] Knowing When To Say When: 3 Reasons Your Customer Should Refresh Legacy Printers (A Guide For Resellers)

ebookIn this age of digitalization, printers might not get the credit – or attention – they deserve.  Many organizations still rely on printers for mission-critical applications, even as they embark on their digital transformation.  Ironically, perhaps, today’s high-tech printers can be an essential element of digital transformation
Despite a long list of mission-critical use cases in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail, hospitality, transportation, and government, printers tend to be overlooked – that is, until they stop working.  Of course, there are legitimate reasons why some organizations might take their printers for granted.  Zebra printers (especially thermal printers) easily can last a decade or longer.  Zebra designs its printers to be reliable and adaptable to changing business needs.  Plus, the software driving those printers – Zebra Print DNA – helps keep them running like they were brand-new, throughout every stage of their lifecycle.
So, if it isn’t broken, why replace it?
The simple answer for your customers is there’s a difference between “not broken” and “not working optimally.”