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Matt Dermody

Director, Engineering | Enterprise Mobility, Manhattan Associates

Matt Dermody has been working with Manhattan Associates for over ten years in various roles, specializing in Enterprise Mobility. He's considered a thought leader in mobile application management, the mobile user experience, legacy application modernization, asset intelligence, enterprise mobility management, and advanced data capture. He received his Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University. 

Manhattan Associates

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Matt's ExecCollection:

Apple Products

Yup, believe it or not, I'm an Apple Guy. I quite literally recommend, sell, manage, support, and build software exclusively for line-of-business Android devices, but in my personal life, I use Apple. I wouldn't recommend running a warehouse with an iOS device, but I recommend running your life with one! Along with my iPhone, AirPods, and MacBook, I also have a universal phone stand clamp that comes in handy on airplanes and a wireless charging battery bank.

Demo Gear

I always have several mobile devices in my bag for sales, development, and support activities. The TC8300 and wearable computers are prevalent in our e-commerce heavy distribution environments, so I typically need to keep at least one of each on me to support my job functions.

Insta360 Camera

I am an avid snowboarder and general extreme sports junkie, and I often find myself in situations where a 360-degree camera is helpful to have. I usually carry a DJI Mini drone, which wasn't nearby for the photo. 


Besides the MacBook... I also have a physical book and an eBook on me at all times. I go back and forth on what medium I prefer. I'm usually reading some sort of self-improvement or tech industry book, but recently, I got caught up in these "romantasy" series that have been blowing up as of late.

Bluetooth Speaker

I have whole-house audio through SONOS at home and almost always have something playing in the background. When I'm traveling, I bring the JBL speaker with me to try to maintain some of that experience in hotels and Airbnbs. It has the bonus use of acting as a backup battery bank since it can charge devices too.


While it's easier to have a nice video call setup at home, I'm on the road more than 50% of the time, so I needed something that could enhance the experience even while traveling. I found this little USB-C camera for that purpose, or rather, it found me (...Instagram ads...).

Mini Power Strip 

This tiny little power strip packs a mean punch. It comes in super handy while traveling as you can turn the one shared plug in between two plane seats into two wall plugs plus multiple USB-A and USB-C ports. It can be helpful in the terminal as well or even in your hotel room when you may only have access to one good plug nearby.


Emotional Support Water Bottle

This is probably the hardest-to-replace item in the whole photo. Where I go, the water bottle goes. I have accumulated a black and white sticker motif over the years through my travels, and so the bottle is really a physical representation of years of travel and exploration. I've hidden an AirTag in the bottom in case I ever misplace it.


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