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Brianna Buccellato

Channel Marketing Manager | Epson America Inc.,

Brianna is the Manager, Commercial Channel Marketing at Epson America Inc. where she practices Go-to-Market Strategy and Partner Communications. She’s been serving in this role for the past two years. She additionally holds a Member Board of Directors role with the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA).


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I start every day with a walk outside (no matter the temperature) and use Brooks for reliable and comfortable support. It is the first thing I do each morning – even before my morning coffee – to help my brain and body wake up naturally and get my daily dose of vitamin D. I'll typically listen to an audiobook to spark creativity and get myself into a productive mindset for the day.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We often find ourselves staring at our laptops for 8-10 hours a day. That doesn't include the time spent looking at phones or watching TV. My blue light-blocking glasses are essential for getting me through a day of screens without the inevitable headache.


I am constantly reading! I have books scattered all over my house and always carry one (or two) with me when I travel. I love anything by Brene Brown, self-development and leadership books, thrillers, and mystery novels. 

FitCrunch Bar

If you can count on me for one thing, it's to always have snacks. I travel a lot, whether it's for business or pleasure, and it can be difficult to find quality food in airports or on the road. I always carry a FitCrunch bar (and other healthy snacks) with me while traveling for the quality ingredients, nutritional benefits, and delicious taste.

Water Bottle

Where I go, my water bottle goes. Whether I'm traveling, running to the grocery store, or. visiting. friends. or family, I always have my water bottle with me.  My Iron Flask keeps water cold all day long and serves as a reminder to drink more water while also being environmentally friendly. 

Standing Desk


Working from home full-time, a standing desk was an absolute must for me. It's easy to spend 8+ hours a day sitting while working a desk job, and even more so when I'm working from home since I don't have coworkers to get up and say "hello" to. Investing in an adjustable electronic standing desk was a no-brainer, and now when I start to. feel that 3 pm slump, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, I just stand up. 

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