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Justin Griffith

CTO, StayLinked

Justin Griffith is the CTO of StayLinked and is responsible for driving StayLinked’s overall product roadmap and strategy. A proven leader and a major contributor to StayLinked’s recent global expansion, Griffith joined StayLinked as a technical support specialist in 2004.

He implemented the company’s first Channel Technical Enablement program shortly after. His close interaction with customers and the partner channel fueled the feedback he leveraged as Product Manager for the next decade. In 2014, he led the company’s release of modernized terminal emulation, StayLinked SmartTE. In 2017, Griffith conceptualized and directed the implementation of the industry’s first Terminal Emulation hardware automation framework.


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Justin's ExecCollection:

Wandrd Rogue 6L Sling

I stopped carrying my laptop around everywhere about five years ago, and I’d been on the hunt for the perfect sling bag. This is the closest I’ve found. Everything in this photo fits in this sling and more. I swear it’s like the Mary Poppins magic carpet bag. This thing has many pockets and secret hiding spots for all sorts of stuff. And in a pinch, it can also carry my laptop in a sleeve in the expanding rear pocket.

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo

I used to carry around a big camera and microphone setup while making content. The Pocket is now my everyday carry. The video and audio quality are incredible, and the gimbal camera lets you get some dynamic content that would be difficult to get on larger, more expensive setups.

AirPods Pro

They have great audio, clear call quality, decent noise cancellation, and good battery life, and they’re highly pocketable… a near-perfect gadget.

KENU stand

If you’ve got a MagSafe-compatible phone case, this is a must-have. It can magnetically attach to a fridge while you’re cooking. It can unfold into a stand/tripod. It can wrap around a pole. It can attach to your phone, laptop, or monitor. Pro tip: it can fold to hang off the tray table on planes so you can watch movies more comfortably on flights.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

My main phone is an iPhone. But when I stopped carrying around a laptop, I basically ran everything off an iPad Mini for a couple of years. When the Fold 5 came out, I replaced the iPad Mini with the Fold 5. It’s utterly shocking how versatile this gadget is. It’s not perfect, but I’m willing to take a trade-off for a folding phone that turns into a tablet that turns into a workstation that turns into an Xbox.

Heroclip Mini

While this can’t be used for climbing (which is a massive disappointment with how often I have to repel my way out of business situations), it can hold up to 40 lbs. So, it’s a great way to hang stuff from my bag or hang the bag from stuff.

Leatherman ARC

This is one of those items I survive when I forget or travel without it. But I use it multiple times daily when I’ve got it on me.

CHAFON USB Multi Cable

I’m steadily reducing the number of tips and connectors I must carry around. This one cable covers all the tips and conversions I need in a convenient form factor.

GameSir X2 Pro

I’m bad news in Fortnite with this thing. There are so many options for handheld gaming, but I love that I can hook my Fold 5 up with this and stream just about anything (Xbox, PC, Local games, Emulators) from anywhere. Plus, it supports passthrough charging, so I can keep the fun going even on long flights.

LIPSWEET Portable Charger/Power bank

Speaking of power, this power bank has a breakaway 45W wall charger. So, when I’ve got access to a power outlet, I can charge up anything in my bag. And when I don’t, I have a compact power bank with charging cables built right in.

MIUCDA Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard + Microsoft ARC Mouse

When I’m in work mode on my Fold 5, these are the devices I reach for.

XREAL Air AR Glasses + Beam

I’ve been using these for the last year instead of carrying a little portable monitor. When I plug these into my Samsung Fold, I get a whole desktop experience (called Samsung DeX) to work with. I can also watch movies on the equivalent of a 330” Display. There are more capable headsets out there, but they’re very bulky, and these do a basic job incredibly well.


My favorite book.

Stanley AeroLight Transit 20oz Tumbler

The going figure is that you could lose between 1.6L and 2L of water from your body during long-haul flights. If you travel and like sleeping and not feeling crumby, hydrating is where it’s at. Many people are entirely unaware that Stanley makes more than obnoxiously large cups. This one is the best combo of size to performance that I’ve ever used.

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