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Corrie Brannan

Director of Channel, Skykit

These are a few of Corrie Brannan's must-have things (sung to the tune of The Sound of Music's "My Favorite Things.")

Based in South Carolina, Corrie is the Director of Channel at SkyKit. Skykit curates solutions meant to excel in workplace and enterprise experiences through digital signage installations. Outside of her 9-5, she's a member of the Junior Welfare League (JWL), a charitable organization that focuses on education, health, advocacy, and the awareness of issues in the community.


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Corrie's ExecCollection: 

Apple MacBook with Extended Displays & Blue Blocker Glasses

Working for a cloud-based software firm, staying connected is essential, and my laptop is an absolute necessity. Given my daily reliance on multiple screens, using the 12" extended portable monitor as a laptop screen extender when traveling enables me to maintain a sense of familiarity. It minimizes the loss of productivity while on the go, all while protecting my eyes with blue blocker glasses. 

 Verizon HotSpot

 In an era of perpetual connectivity, the reliability of networks is often uncertain. To guarantee access to a secure network for uploading content or handling emails, I always carry a Verizon HotSpot in my backpack.


Proper hydration is paramount! Since our bodies consist of 60% water, having my Hydro Flask ensures that I stay refreshed while also contributing to reducing plastic waste associated with single-use water bottles. It's a win-win for my well-being and the environment!

Skykit Media Player

ABCs of selling….Always Be Closing! Being a part of Skykit and having our own media players enables me to demonstrate our solutions while on the move and grants me the flexibility to arrange trials for customers quickly. This allows them to experience our offerings firsthand in their environment. 

Cable Management Case & External Charger

In technology, the only constant is change. Ensuring the continuous charging and connection of devices is of utmost importance, and this case contains various tools such as dongles, chargers, screwdrivers, and more to address those needs.


 I keep headphones everywhere— in my backpack, office, home, and more! I particularly favor this pair because I can easily attach the case to any of my bags using the clip. 


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